About Us

Starkey Products, Inc. manufactures high quality wiring assemblies for the automotive industry. We believe in quality products that are built to last. All products are assembled at our facility in the USA to insure you receive parts that meet or exceed factory specifications.

At Starkey Products, our values drive what we do every day. Our mission is to create awesome products with unmatched quality and precision. We don’t plan on selling you something that only lasts for a year or two. We believe that the products we offer should last for the life of the vehicle.

Starkey Engineering:
Every product we produce is expertly engineered. When we design a wiring harness it gets test fitted on the vehicle it was designed for to make sure that all wiring leads, connectors, and mounting locations will match YOUR application.

Starkey Manufacturing:
One of the core differences from many other aftermarket companies these days is our control over the manufacturing process. Because our products are assembled and tested in house, we make sure that everything is produced to our exacting standards.

Starkey Testing:
Every product we sell is inspected before it leaves our facility. Every wiring harness manufactured is connected to a product-specific testing station which simulates a working vehicle. The testing station makes sure that all pin-outs are correct and that continuity exists in all wiring. This insures that what you receive is functioning right out of the box.

At the end of the day, our goal at Starkey Products, Inc. is to provide you with superior quality, ease of installation, and great customer service. Thank you for your business!

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