Refurbished/ Clearance inventory is periodically available. Sometimes the product is completely new but one of the components was blemished and thus we can't sell it as new. Sometimes refurbished units are available which were returned to us within 30 days or purchase. All returned inventory is evaluated by a trained technician and all necessary repairs are made (if necessary). Finally, all units are tested on one of our product-specific testing stations to insure functionality. All refurbished/ clearance units carry a full Starkey warranty!

All items here are offered at a deep discount off of normal pricing! Here is your chance to pickup quality, Starkey components at a fraction of the price!

Note: While units are repaired and tested as necessary, some cosmetic blemishes may be present due to previous installation and/or use. If any issues exist that may affect the function, fitment or appearance of the product, a note will be placed at the top of the product description for that item. If you are unsure and have questions, please feel free to contact us.

From time to time, Starkey accumulates various items used in-house for projects or employee vehicles. We may also list those parts here.

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