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I’ve installed the Raptor Light Bar and the Auxiliary Back Up light kit on my F150. Both are great products that add to the look and functionality of my truck. Even more importantly, the products are well designed and extremely easy to install do to the detailed step by step instructions that are provided. Furthermore, the companies customer serviced is second to none. I emailed a question after hours and would have been happy with an answer the following day or so. Instead, I had an answer within an hour. Try getting that service from Amazon or any other giant so called customer service company. I will continue to support this company and continue to recommend their products to my family and friends.
David H
This is a tremendous upgrade on a 2013 six banger! I wish they had options for smoked fog lights or Halo fog lights, but this is meant to be an OEM product. Lights, grille, dash light switch are all OEM parts. I found the installation guide very detailed and comprehensive. The installation was time consuming as this is my first time working on a car, but it was not difficult. The only part where I felt it was difficult was when I was trying to wire-tap the passenger side fuse box. It's really hard for a grown person to fit in the footwell!
I think it came out pretty damn good. The fog lights really add to the aggressiveness of the car, especially at night and the relatively open mesh helps with cold air flow. I'm really happy with the whole experience and the product.
Jason was very knowledgeable and he helped me with all my questions, the shipping was hassle free and the packaging was really great. It was a pleasure to work with him and his team. Jason also has a youtube video for installing lower valance fog lights, which shows all the same wire connections and that video was really helpful. Thanks guys.
This is one of the best aftermarket wiring harnesses I've ever seen! The layout and construction are great, one of the best accessories you could buy if you were adding auxiliary lighting to your truck. The harness is extremely well built and comes with everything you need for the install except the tools and lights themselves. Highly recommend you purchase this harness if you need to install some back up lights.
I just wanted to go on record to say that you make the most awesome kit for this application that anyone could ask for. I have a 2014 Base Mustang Convertible. My son and I installed this kit this morning in about two and a half hours. We watched the video on your website and read the directions. It is an awesomely engineered product that we could have installed by only watching the video. I'm surprised that dealerships and other specialty shops in this area (Central Vermont) weren't aware of this product!....Thanks again for providing a first class product!
Jim J.
My compliments to the the STARKEY staff for a very nicely built wire bundle, the robust size and ample length of wire along with the excellent workmanship building the harness really adds to the ease of installation and the quality of the kit. Add the FORD OEM parts included with the kit, and this kit is unbeatable for the enthusiast wanting the factory look and durability, a first class product!

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