V6 Mustang OEM Style Fog Light Kit (2010-2012)

V6 Mustang OEM Style Fog Light Kit (2010-2012)
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Price: $279.99
Product ID : 3500
Weight: 6.00 lbs



EVERYTHING you need to outfit your V6 Mustang with an OEM-style fog light kit!

GT Mustang's came standard with fog lights, but the V6 did not. Our Mustang fog light kit includes everything you need to equip your vehicle with fog lights. This kit is specifically designed for your 2010-2012 V6 Mustang. The fog lights used are the same style used on the 2010, 2011 and 2012 Mustang V6 Pony Package.

Did you already purchase a GT bumper with fog lights installed in the grille and just need a wiring harness and switch? Check out our 2010-2012 Mustang wiring and switch kit

Features and Benefits:

  • A similar kit from Ford costs over $800. Our wiring harness is superior to Ford's in that it requires no cutting of factory wires! In addition, your fog lights will not shut off when the high beams are activated.
  • Unlike other products on the market, our kit requires no drilling and includes an OEM Ford head light/ fog light switch that replaces your factory headlamp switch!
  • The OEM Ford switch included replaces your factory switch and gives your vehicle the Auto Headlamps feature. Auto Headlamps uses a sensor already installed in your car to automatically turn your head lights ON and OFF based on the light conditions outside (when enabled with switch).
  • You don't need to purchase anything else. Lamps, bulbs, wiring, switch, and hardware are all included. This kit is specifically designed to fit the V6 4.0L and 3.7L Mustang and gives a clean, factory look without the need to replace the bumper.
  • No other kit on the market uses higher quality materials than Starkey Products. Our kit was designed to last the life of the car, not just 1-2 years. While it is more costly, it insures a seamless experience for you.
  • Installation is straight-forward. Most installations take about 1-2 hours. A detailed step-by-step instruction manual with pictures is included. Technical support is available should you have any questions.

What our kit includes:

  • Fog lights and bulbs.
  • Bezels for vehicles with fog lights.
  • OEM head light/ fog light switch with Auto Headlamps feature.
  • High quality wiring harness with relay and fuses.
  • Mounting hardware.
  • Detailed 5 page installation manual.
  • 5 Year Limited Warranty.


  • Installation difficulty = Very Low
  • Installation time = 1-2 hours
  • Tools required = flat head screw driver, adjustable wrench (or socket set)

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Product Reviews

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Reviewed by anelloStephen4
09/18/2015 - 08:31:05 PM
2010 V6 Starkey Fog Lights
A year and a half ago while I was driving to work at five am, I hit a deer, swerved and skidded straight into the guard rail totaling my Honda car. The whole accident was the worse experience in a car that I ever had.
Shortly after that I bought my Mustang V6 and love it. Every morning when I come to that dark spot on the highway, I cringe, slow down and move over to the center lane.
One day I came across these fog lights on line. "I couldn't believe it, fog lights that look factory installed at half the cost and so easy enough that I could install them"! "Sign Me Up"!
I emailed Starkey Products and Jason himself answered all my questions and even gave me a discount on my fog lights!
Now when I come to that spot on the highway, it doesn't seem as dark and scary as it used to be.
Thanks Jason for a fantastic product and for making my early morning drives to work a lot better. FIVE STARS ALL DAY!!!

Reviewed by WebsiteReview
01/23/2013 - 07:46:35 PM
Review by Austin
Great product! It is easy to install and adds a nice look to my 2010 V6
Reviewed by WebsiteReview
01/23/2013 - 07:45:53 PM
Review by Kenneth Wagner
Perfect fit, Straight forward instructions. I installed this kit in my driveway in about 45 minutes. Could not have been any easier. Top quality well worth the investment. Thanks to your team for a great product.
Reviewed by WebsiteReview
01/23/2013 - 07:42:58 PM
Review by Jim
I had the kit installed by my Ford dealer after being unable to find low clearance car ramps at a reasonable price. The light kit completes the look of my v6 Mustang and the difference they have made in lighting up the road. Even the dealer told me this is a quality kit. Thanks so much!
Reviewed by WebsiteReview
11/08/2012 - 01:23:44 PM
Review by Todd
Great Item and so easy to install. Added these great OEM lights to my 2012 Mustang, they look/fit as if they came on the vehicle from the factory. These lights were so easy to install with the very detailed instructions and only took 2 hours to complete. Thanks for the great item Starkey...
Reviewed by WebsiteReview
11/08/2012 - 01:23:28 PM
Review by Oleksandr T
The kit is very well made. I expected, say, a quality product made in China. However, the fog lamps are made by Valco (Belgium), and the bulbs used are made by Osram (Germany). Moreover, not only the switch, but also fog lamp bezels are made by Ford Motor Co. So, they fit your car perfectly. I was impressed.
When I installed it on my car, it looks great. You can never say that these fog lamps did not come with the car originally.
At last, I have an appropriate light for my car. It has always been an issue with Mustang's headlamps. So, installing these fog lamps improves the situation radically. I can see road much better, and there is no 'blind zone' below your bumper anymore.
I was a bit worried about the length of the wires included in this kit. But it is more than adequate. So, all is installed as it should be. About the installation. If you...
Reviewed by WebsiteReview
11/08/2012 - 01:22:25 PM
Review by Ron Steiner
Had these installed at a shop that sells specialized auto
Reviewed by WebsiteReview
11/08/2012 - 01:22:07 PM
Review by J Gruce
I bought this kit to add fog lamps to my base V6 Mustang for the "inclement" weather here in NH. The package was delivered on the date promised. Upon opening package I was impressed with the quality of the parts included. The directions were easy to follow to complete the install. Once done, the lights look like they were installed from the factory. I like having the fog lights as daytime running lights, and the automatic headlamps. It did take about 2 - 3 hours to complete the install, but I took my time with it.
Reviewed by WebsiteReview
11/08/2012 - 01:21:51 PM
Review by Steve T
I received the fog lights on time just as promised. I decided to install them myself rather than have someone do it for me. Jason in customer service was very knowledgeable on the installation and convinced me I could install the lamps myself. It took me about 3 hours. It ususlly takes me longer to install something. I took my time and followed the instructions. I ended up not lifting the vehicle (as described in the installation instructions) and I was still able to install the lights. The lamps look great. It has the look of OEM all around. I would definitely recommend this product to other Mustang owners. I can't say enough about the support I received. Customer service (Jason) was excellemt .
Reviewed by WebsiteReview
11/08/2012 - 01:21:34 PM
Review by Jerry Greene
This is a great kit. It arrived with all the necessary parts that were well made and fit perfectly. Kit is not easy to install from the view point of not having lifts or ramps but anybody can do it with just a few basic tools, Hats to a great product.
Reviewed by WebsiteReview
11/08/2012 - 01:21:15 PM
Review by David Stallworth
I donâ
Reviewed by WebsiteReview
11/08/2012 - 01:20:49 PM
Review by Chris
Product shipped fast and was correct. It was very easy to install and the instructions were great. Had a self inflicted issue on installation and Jason returned my e-mail within 15 minutes on a Sunday with the solution for my issue. GREAT Customer Service!!!!! I would recommend to everyone!
Reviewed by WebsiteReview
11/08/2012 - 01:20:28 PM
Review by Carl Barnett
Bought the kit, followed the instruction and everything works as advertised. PERFECT !!!!!!
Very much recommended
Reviewed by WebsiteReview
11/08/2012 - 01:20:14 PM
Review by Howard
I installed these on a 2010 mustang conv in about two hours (took my time) Well worth every second and every penny spent. I never write reviews and I was so impressed with this product I felt the need to share with other onwers. Great product, great instructions everything as stated in the product description...look no further to add fog lights to your mustang... I'll buy from Starkey again for sure!!
Reviewed by WebsiteReview
11/08/2012 - 01:19:59 PM
Review by Rick Appenzeller
I just had the fog lights installed. Had great detailed instructions with pictures to help. Shipping was excellent. Did send Jason a few questions and he answered them all and within hours. Noticed the parts are Ford so you know they will fit and what comes on new cars. Thanks again Jason.. Will keep in touch for other parts and highly recommend Starkey for products.
Reviewed by WebsiteReview
11/08/2012 - 01:19:20 PM
Review by Aaron Vernallis
I bought this light set after failing to get any local Ford dealer to turn on the DRL's (Daytime Running Lights). Apparently, they will only turn them on in Canada.

These lights and the switch are very easy to install and work great as either fog lights, or DRL's to keep the bad drivers from crashing into my black Mustang.

After some very heavy rain, 2 of the circuits shorted and the lights came on and stayed on with the keys out. I called Starkey the next day, and within 3 days I had new circuits that are improved to prevent this from happening. Great product, and great customer support if you ever have any issues!
Reviewed by WebsiteReview
11/08/2012 - 01:19:00 PM
Review by Mark Caughey, Seattle WA
I have no mechanical skills, so I knew I'd have to have the kit installed professionally. I took the box full of parts to the dealer that sold the 2012 Mustang to me. They needed less than 1 hour to do the job, since they were able to put the car up on lift. They also made a few changes to the wire harness routing that conformed more closely to a factory-installed light set. All went well, and the lights make the front of the car look complete. The daytime running light feature is also a great addition, especially up here in the northwest where it rains often. Great product - you won't be disappointed. (Too bad, though...as I'm writing this review three weeks after the purchase, Starkey dropped the price of the kit by $20!) BTW - check out those "3.7" badges -- they'll also add a special touch to your V6 w/o the Pony Pack.
Reviewed by WebsiteReview
11/08/2012 - 01:17:51 PM
Review by Lynn Simmons
I just installed the lights tonight on my 2012. The intsructions were spot on except for one item. My splash shield used a 7mm socket to remove. I also had to completely remove the screw holding the headlight switch in place but that was highlighted in the directions.

All parts fit . As some others have commented I wished the relay stubs were a little longer with a holder that would allow them to be mounted more securely. I held the fuses in place on a nearby stud. I just had to drill the hole in the plastic holder out one size.

First turn of the switch and all features worked. The lights look great.
Reviewed by WebsiteReview
11/08/2012 - 01:17:19 PM
Review by Donald Kovek
I read all the reviews before purchasing the fog lights for my 2011 V6 and I am very particular as far as esthetics ie fit and finish but after I was done with the installation, it was such a great looking improvement that it's hard not to keep smiling. The new switch is more than I could have hoped for and I can't even see the wiring under the hood because it all looks factory. Great product!!
Reviewed by WebsiteReview
11/08/2012 - 01:16:47 PM
Review by david sacry
These fog lights are great,the insstructions were clear and easy to follow. I am 61 years old and had no problem with the install. I do recommend using ramps like I did. I have been an electronic tecknition for more than 40 years so I can recognize quality and the Starkey products are high quality both in components used and build. It took me about two hours to install. I only have two miner complants about the product the first is the ty wraps are to short and the two wires going to the fuse box should be about eight inches longer so the relays and fuses could be mounted instead of dangling I highly recommend these fog lights
Reviewed by WebsiteReview
11/08/2012 - 01:13:00 PM
Review by Terry Britton
These fog lights are great, the installation went wonderful, the instruction were real easy to follow step by step, need ramps which would make it alot easier to crawl under the car, they look perfect aslo, I well woth the price,
Thanks Starkey
Reviewed by WebsiteReview
11/08/2012 - 01:12:18 PM
Review by Kevin N
High quality product, I recommend this to all 11 V6 users. Shipping takes about 5 days. If you do not want to install it yourself, take it to a good auto shop and installation is about 1 hr - 1/2, around $100. The best part is the "A" Automatic feature on the switch. When left on, fog lights will run in the day/night time and headlights will turn on on its own, when it is night time or raining. Both will automatically turn off when the key is removed from ignition. Good luck!
Reviewed by WebsiteReview
11/08/2012 - 01:12:02 PM
Review by David Van Natta
I just got done installing your product. The hardest part was getting my 58 year old bones under the car. Routing wires with your product and the HID kit was tight but still came together even though I was keeping the original harness in place (base V6). I used your zip ties on just your harness, but found that it would have been more convenient if you would have provided slightly longer ties.

Customer support has been exceptional.

Thank you for producing a high quality product (a rarity in this day and age) and easy to follow instructions.
Reviewed by WebsiteReview
11/08/2012 - 01:11:40 PM
Review by Paul K
Excellent Product. Very high quality and simple to install. Great service from Starkey. One of my lamps was smashed by a rock about two months after install, and Jason at Starkey helped me find a quick replacement locally. This changes the whole look of the V-6 front end. The switchgear is factory, with the autolamp feature a huge bonus. Highly recommended.
Reviewed by WebsiteReview
11/08/2012 - 01:11:16 PM
Review by David Bartholomew
Excellent customer care, prompt response to inquiries and very much looking forward to Starkey Products carrying more products for my 2011 Mustang! Companies like Starkey are few and far between and very much look forward to doing business again!
Reviewed by WebsiteReview
11/08/2012 - 01:10:56 PM
Review by DW. Hardnett
I just installed the 2010-11 Fog Light kit on my v6 convertible. They look great and really dress up the front end. I was debating about changing to the GT bumper and adding factory fogs that way, but this keep is MUCH easier, less expensive, and gives the car a GREAT look in the front. THIS kit is probably the single BEST upgrade to your v6. Look good and very functional. Easy install, instructions were right on point.
Reviewed by WebsiteReview
11/08/2012 - 01:10:27 PM
Review by Fred Dial
Just installed the fog light kit in my 2010 Mustang. What a fabulous product! Fit and finish are excellent; looks factory installed. The installation instructions were very thorough and accurate. I didn't have any questions or problems. Thanks, Starkey!
Reviewed by WebsiteReview
11/08/2012 - 01:10:06 PM
Review by David S
Just installed the kit in my 2011 convertible. Sure, it's a great addition to the car from the good-looks standpoint, but, even better, the improved visibility is terrific. This is especially true for winding roads at night. I leave the switch in the auto position, so I get the fog lights as daytime lights, and the rest come on automatically. Great! Ford should have included these in the car straight from the factory. Thanks to all of you at Starkey for making these available. This is a very appreciated improvement to the car, and worth every penny. (Although I wish I'd ordered them when they went on sale for $30 off!)
Reviewed by WebsiteReview
11/08/2012 - 01:09:47 PM
Review by Mike W
Excellent install. My son and I installed in a couple of hours. Directions are straight forward. Besides adding fog lights, also have auto headlight and daylight driving lamps using fog lamps only.
Reviewed by WebsiteReview
11/08/2012 - 01:09:29 PM
Review by Dom Simpson
I put in my fog light kit on my 2010 mustang a few days ago, and the installation was more than easy, everything works perfectly and looks good. You don't need to be genius or visit a shop to install this either. Its that easy. If you ever did have any problems, just call in, the custom service is awesome. Starkey Products are worth the money.
Reviewed by WebsiteReview
11/08/2012 - 01:09:08 PM
Tony Novak
Very easy install. Everything works as stated. Its worth the money just to have the auto head lights. My 2011 blaze yellow Mustang has the performance package. Fog lights were not an option from Ford. This really sets off my car.
Reviewed by WebsiteReview
11/08/2012 - 01:08:30 PM
Review by Marlo L
This is the best fog light kit on the market. If you had to choose only 1 modification for your 2010 or 2011 Mustang get this kit! The instructions are very clear, complete, and easy to follow. It took me longer than 1.5 hours to install, but I wanted to take my time and do it right. The kit includes everything you need and the new automatic headlight switch alone was worth the price for me.
Customer service is AWESOME. I ran into one small snag when re-installing the headlight switch. Sent a quick email off to the company and Jason responded immediately....this was on a Sunday afternoon. The error was 100% my fault, just remember to pay close attention to the way you take things apart.
I will do business with Starkey Products again.
Reviewed by WebsiteReview
11/08/2012 - 01:08:11 PM
Review by Ian Douglas
I put the kit in my 2011 and it went in without any issues. The instructions were straight forward and complete. It took me about 1.5 hours to do the install. They work just as described. I did have to remove the screw completely on the light switch, but it was easy to take out and put back in.

Oh and make sure that the key is in the "ON" position when you go to test. I had it in "ACC" so was debugging for no reason.

Now if these guys would just do a supercharger kit for the V6 :-) I would buy it without any hesitation.
Reviewed by WebsiteReview
11/08/2012 - 01:07:52 PM
Review by Stephen Finigan
Great product. The directions and pictures were step by step with no guess work. Fast shipping and great communications. Would definitely do bussiness with again.
Reviewed by WebsiteReview
11/08/2012 - 01:07:25 PM
Review by Sam Mizrahi
This is such a great product and Jason was great to deal with. I thought I had a problem with my dash lights not going on when the headlights were on, but Jason explained that on the 2010 Mustang the dash lights don't go on unless it is dark out. I pulled right into my garage and the dash lights went on! Love this product. Really helps light up the road and looks completely like it was factory installed. Also love the OEM automatic headlamp switch that comes with it. Headlamps go on automatically in the dark or anytime you have the wipers on which is great. Just leave the switch in the auto position with the switch pulled out and the fog lights will work like daytime running lamps when light out, and the headlights will turn on automatically when it is dark out or wipers on on. THIS PRODUCT IS A MUST HAVE FOR ALL V6 MUSTANG OWNERS! Installation was easy, but for my car, I had to remove the screw holding in the headlamp switch although the instructions said that you do not have to. Other than than that, I had no problems and would recommend this product and this company to anyone. Thanks!
Reviewed by WebsiteReview
11/08/2012 - 01:07:04 PM
Review by Greg Harrel
The fog light kit is the most complete kit on the market. Great instructions and great tech support. I would suggest these to anyone with a 2010-2011 Mustang that wants OEM fog lights at a good price.
Reviewed by WebsiteReview
11/08/2012 - 01:06:27 PM
Review by Garry Garcia
I recently ordered the 2010 Fog Light Kit for my new V6, 4.0 Mustang. The first thing that I noticed was that the customer service was excellent. All of my questions or concerns were answered prior to ordering.
I ordered on a Sunday and received my kit on the following Tuesday (2days), talk about the speed of light. It arrived professionally packaged, all components were very well protected from rough handling.
The instructions were straight forward, well detailed, and had pictures pointing out areas that were to be addressed in the installation.
It only took 1.5 hours, the extra .5 was because I did not have a means to lift the front end of my Mustang, but the installation from start to finish went off without a hitch.
Now I have Fog Lights, Automatic headlights that go off during day light hours and on while I am driving at night. My Stang looks much more classy with these fog lights, and the new switch is simple to operate and looks excellent.
I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND this Kit and this Company to anyone who wants the best equipment, best customer service, and the best looking Mustang that you can have.
Reviewed by WebsiteReview
11/08/2012 - 01:06:00 PM
Review by Paul Pelletier
outstanding quality product at an unbelievable price. great look. easy to read instructions. easy installation. customer service and support second to none.
Reviewed by WebsiteReview
11/08/2012 - 01:05:38 PM
Review by D Brown
I love this product - works and looks great. Easy to understand installation instructions and can be completed in a short time. These fog lights complete the look of the mustang, and give off plenty of light. This is a must for any mustang.
Reviewed by WebsiteReview
11/08/2012 - 01:05:16 PM
Review by Ivan Vasquez
I received the 2011 fog light kit yesterday faster than I expected. The instructions that came along with the kit where easy and straight forward the pictures helped out as well. The install was fast and easy its not difficult at all I believe a beginner can install this kit with no trouble. The wiring that was sent with the kit makes it really easy there is no need for wire cutting and measuring. The fact that there is new switch that replaces the stock one is awesome no need to have a separate switch installed to turn the fog lights on. I can honestly say I am happy with the kit and would recommend it to any one who wants fog lights on there 2010 or 2011 mustang. Not only was the fog light kit awesome there customer service as well great communication I will definitely do business with Starkey Products again.